Well now, Aerlinniel finally has me out camping, and no more than did I wake after a restless night with all the sounds, but I looked around and she was already out hiking. I yawned a bit, stretched then crawled back inside the tent to keep from getting dirty.


Steals And Deals
selected colors of Lyra
Blacks and blonds at Rhoda Satellite store
Reds and Browns available at Flawless main store)
Sale Price 99L, usual price 250L

Perfect timing for this weekend this hair is remarkable! I chose the blond color to match my eyes and outfit with a soft subtle side flowing from left to right barely touching the shoulders. Keep the heat off your neck this summer while enjoying some class and elegance. Flawless Rhoda



New In Store


Are you ready? This seems to always be asked of me when we are setting out to take a little trip somewhere. Well this time I am ready with this cute little outfit from Facepalm. With 3 Textures to choose from I know I can handle anything while we camp. Sizing is Fitmesh, 5 Standard, 3 Belleza, 2 Tonic, eBody, 2 Slink, Maitreya and TMP.



~Go Frock Yourself~

Around The Grid Hunt

Let’s Take A Trip Slink Nails

Oh Mah Gosh!!!!
Such a classy look to finish off anything you are trying to achieve. I picked the Compass scene so I could find my way home and with nine others to choose from it was so hard! Everything from a compass, world, house, balloon, jet, train etc… Made for Slink or Belleza now you have a chance to pick something new every day for TEN days. Mix and Match or do as i did and wear one on all fingers and toes.


Blue Sky
Magical Eyes
Around The Grid Hunt

Ocean Blue Tropical is the feature color of these eyes. With a sparkle in them, it makes for an intoxicating appeal. Look in my eyes is what you will definitely be saying to people who get a little close. These are a must have for anyone.


Body Stuff


I am wearing Marigold 4th of July Dollarbie in Sand from 7 Deadly s{K}ins. This skin features a one touch Hud to color match using the Omega system. Less shadows on the Boobs and Butt, softer highlights, a better fit to mesh body parts, smoother texture. All the Major Body appliers are available in store at 7 Deadly s{K}ins for Maitreya, Belleza, Omega HEAD Appliers, Slink, TMP, Banned Lena etc….

7 Deadly s{K}ins


Mesh Body Info


I have the Maitreya Mesh body Lara, V 4.0 on which makes it easy to fix parts that unwantedly show.. This new version includes the Bento hands with movement.


Slink Hands and Feet:

Slink Avatar Dynamic hands, and feet are Enhanced.
Everything you need to enhance your appearance can be found here at Slink


HEAD and Shape:


Staying true to form this head allows full customizing. The features are more realistic than other system offerings. The shape fits well with no needed adjustments to make other than giving you that look you wanted. The mouth moves while talking making it more real. with or with out other features turned on you make it fit your mood



Inevitable Madness
Jade Bento Shape

A beautiful shape. The flow from the head to shape blends in perfectly. I could even match it in less that a few seconds, and anyone who knows me, knows how I struggle with things like blending. Stop by Inevitable Madness and have a look for yourself.



I decided to take up some sort of new sport today so I put on this cute outfit and went looking for something new to try. Well one thing led to another and I Found some cute animals standing on the road. So being the photo bomb expert I am, I stopped and posed for some cute pictures with them

Photos :

Taken at Aero Pines Park
A lovely place set in a winter wonderland. Take a sled ride, Carriage ride or walk the breathtaking scenery. Find Foxes and others while on your journey




Clothing & Accessories:



This fantastic outfit is completely awesome for most days in Winter, Spring, or Fall. It comes in Black or White and has a Fitmesh Jacket, 5 standard sizes, 3 Belleza, 2 Tonic, 2 Slink, Ebody, Maitreya & TMP. Clothing layer top and Jeans 2 colors. With Maitreya, Omega, & Slink Appliers. This even includes the boots. No reason to do extra shopping for a complete outfit.
~Go Frock Yourself~

Gold Nail Appliers

These nail appliers come in Gold, Gold with Black in a checkerboard design and Gold plus White in the same design. Made for both Fingernails and Toenails surely this set will go with most things in your closet. Show off the Gold to represent just how much you are worth. Stop by and get your set today

~Go Frock Yourself~


!Head Desk!

Draping across the right eye this hair leaves some imagination to what you are thinking or, more importantly what you are looking at. No one will know for sure on what your plans for them truly are. This is a fitted mesh hair that comes with all the color change huds. Perfect for anything you have planned, from a night out in a gown, or a bit of evil lurking deep within. This one covers it all.


* Inkheart *


Olive Coloring makes a huge hit. Coloring is so deep, I love how they look with darker hair. People will wonder what you have in for contacts or stare into them as if they were being mesmerized by. you. definitely stop into Inkheart and pick up your pair today. Leave others guessing as to what is actually on your mind at that moment in time

I am wearing the new group Gift from 7 Deadly s{K}ins called Madelief in pineapple with CL. This skin features 7 Omega appliers and 7 skin tones, also appliers for Slink hands and feet, Tango boob, Omega body. 2 Shapes and 7 system skins and tones.

All the Major Body appliers are available in store at 7 Deadly
s{K}ins for Maitreya, Belleza, Omega HEAD Appliers, Slink, TMP, Banned Lena etc….

7 Deadly s{K}ins



xxxLipstick Kisses

Have some fun with these kisses left and right side included, including the Hud.
Mesh Body Info

Body Stuff

Omega System Kit – Catwa

Maitreya Mesh body Lara, with shape number 4
Lovely tone which matches the tones and coloring of the mesh head

Aggie Head

Staying true to form this head allows full customizing. The features are more realistic.