Snow Snow Snow

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So after sleeping in a tiny bit earlier than usual (10 hours or so) I got up and peeked out the window. WOW did it ever snow and peering out a little closer, I seen a HUGE gingerbread house.

Poses and Props:

Gingerbread Hunt Prize
Event runs Dec. 1st – 31st
Talk about an awesome Prop and Pose! This one is perfect for the Holidays
This is a prize in the Gingerbread Men & Hot Cocoa Hunt HINT: The gingerbread man ran past you and out the door!!! This is a 2 person pose with the male in this picture wearing a gingerbread man avatar.


Gingerbread Hunt Prize
Event runs Dec. 1st – 31st

A wonderfully cute little dress that includes Hair, Cape, Boots. It also has a color change HUD for the hair, which makes it extremely great to have.

The Little Bat
Faded Eyes

A fun set of eyes that include 10 different colors, Nothing like showing off some green eyes with your blonde hair now is there. Try them and you will love them like I do.

The Little Bat
Gia Nails

December 1st 2018 starting at 2PM SLT

A 10 texture Hud in which the nails are for Maitreya, Slink and Omega.




Perfect skin! This skin was made for Maitreya and Catwa. Tones match perfectly and such a subtle look to it.

Gwen Shape

Set your eyes to zero and put it on. Just a couple of real minor adjustments and you are ready to rock the look you so wanted. IF I can adjust it anyone can
Easy to edit is the beginning, I was able to achieve the look I wanted in short order with this shape. Absolutely love this shape.


Bento Head

Easily modified to get the shape i was looking for and the lips, eyes and cheek bones was so simple anyone can achieve the proper look. Extras to look for is eye movement, lips, and expressions.


Vista Pro Hands

Lots of movement that look natural rather than having open fingers pointing down all the time. so many options for the fingers to move you can be assured there is one for just about anything you have on your mind.



I love using the Maitreya body, easy to hide some parts when needed and perfectly flawless. Everyone should use this one in my opinion.

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