Nighttime Mommas

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Seeing as how it was Mother’s Day, Aerlinniel and I dressed up pretty much the same and had a bit of fun walking around the city taking pictures and giggling at all the tourists. We stopped and took a few pictures along the way and now that I see them it is amazing how much we looked alike.



~Go Frock Yourself~
Aerlinniel Outfit

This outfit is so comfortable and fun to wear. Seeing as how my wife’s favorite color is blue it felt appropriate to wear it today. with 6 colors or patterns for the top which is a low cut halter style, to the pants which have 5 colors. Made for Mesh bodies or classic it needs to be part of your wardrobe.

Long dark wavy
(not for sale)


~Go Frock Yourself~
I Feel Pretty Nails
I Feel Pretty Hunt (now until end of May)

With 1o themes to choose from it is like WOW!!!! You really must drop into GFY and get some of these nails. Brilliant colors with Sassy written all over them. These are a must have for any woman out there. Drop in and get some while supplies last


Kitten Kaboodle


Made for Belleza, Slink, and Maitreya they are absolutely wonderful and comfortable to wear. Now everyone knows I prefer to go barefoot, but, These felt so good I left them on all day and wow did they feel just as good when taking them off as they did while putting on for the first time. With the HUD being able to change the base, strap, heels and if you desire a metal there are 15 color variations to choose from. Drop in and get yours today!

Body Stuff

Mesh Body Info


I have the Maitreya Mesh body Lara, V 4.0 on which makes it easy to fix parts that un-wantedly show.. The standard for the industry is made for this body. Easy to hide or show parts. Easy to adjust are just a small sampling of what this body will do.



Vista Animations:
Pro Hands
Let your hands move and toss the old static ones. Now you can with these beautifuly shaped fingers and wrists from Vista Animations. Much more realistic and life like than predecessors.





Gwen Head
Staying true to form this head allows full customizing. The features are more realistic than other system offerings. The shape fits well with no needed adjustments to make other than giving you that look you wanted. Easy one click to change tones. This one is perfect for the woman inside all of us.


Strawberry Singh
Lola Shape

Wonderfully gorgeous shape with very little editing to do. A couple of minor adjustments and make this shape totally you.



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