Cuddling Hipster Style

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Collaboration Post with Aerlinniel Vella Roughneck, check out her styling information here:

There we were, all ready to snuggle and cuddle when my lovely wife Aerlinniel turned around and I almost fell over. She had on a mustache!!! I did try to keep from laughing a bit but well it was rather difficult as you can imagine. needless to say after a few laughs we did finally manage to snuggle for a bit and watched the sun come up together which is always nice.

BellePoses – Friends O8 (ADD ME)

Tylar’s Treasures Items for Hipster Fair:

Clay Grille
Hipster Double bench Cuddles
Hopster Fence with tapestry
hipster ficus in a bucket
hpster mustach table
hipster rug
hopster side table
hopster triple bench cuddles
mustache cupcake single blue and pink
mustache cupcake stand with cupcakes
… SpotCat … Pug dog – Sit #05 Hipster Fair Gacha item

Gwennie poo is wearing-
Adorez Camille top and skirt
Gwennie hair – made by gwen
Inkheart- Allie eyes Solitude
GFY- Victorian Nails


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