Come Play

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Since it was a night that seemed to be a little boring, I thought it might be nice to shall we say raise the level of excitement around the house? Well after going through the entire closet, I ran across this outfit that would be perfect for either raising the excitement level, or, possibly having the neighbors calling the cops on us.




New In Store

A tiny bit see through, well a whole lot of see through and such a fun one to have on. Look for yourself and dream of all the different places you can wear this one. The possibilities are endless. It will really get that special someone to notice you. Perhaps even enough to make them dribble what ever drink they happen to be sipping on. WARNING> this will draw attention. Sizing ranges for Altamura, Eve Pulpy, Slim, Freya, Hourglass, Isis Maitreya, Physique, TMP. It also has a 8 color change Hud to make it even more fun.


~Go Frock Yourself~
Lovelace Nails

so many layers embedded within each other and the shine is unmatched anywhere. TEN different color schemes to choose from or mix and match to your own liking. I chose the pure red to match the outfit I happened to have on at the time. everything from red to yellow, blue to green and pink to orange is just the beginning.



Twinkle Twinkle in my eye, now you wonder what they are. To put it simply, These are the latest from Inkheart. I chose this color to match my mood with the outfit I have on. I must say the depth and coloring is unequaled. This set is from the Advent Calendar number 14. Keep this in mind and grab yours while you can


Made by me for shots such as this

Body Stuff



This particular skin was originally designed for the Catwa Annie Head. As shown here I have the “Gwen” head on and it works out wonderfully. There was no changing the head shape or anything and I was able to keep my complete body shape with it. The make-up layers can be tinted or faded with the Catwa main Hud. Perfect for thos of us who worry about our looks.


Mesh Body Info


I have the Maitreya Mesh body Lara, V 4.0 on which makes it easy to fix parts that un-wantedly show.. The standard for the industry is made for this body. Easy to hide or show parts. Easy to adjust are just a small sampling of what this body will do.



Vista Animations:
Pro Hands
Let your hands move and toss the old static ones. Now you can with these beautifuly shaped fingers and wrists from Vista Animations. Much more realistic and life like than predecessors.





Staying true to form this head allows full customizing. The features are more realistic than other system offerings. The shape fits well with no needed adjustments to make other than giving you that look you wanted. Easy one click to change tones and fully Omega compatible, This one is perfect for the woman inside. This version is the updated 4.10 with animations.



Lulu Bento Shape

A wonderful shape that was so easy to make a slight change to fit more of me. I would suggest this shape to go along with most Mesh female avatars.

Aerwen is Wearing:

Aerwen is wearing the Toddleedoo Baby Mesh Head #4 – COCO,
Delicatesse Skin, Essential Eyes Pack, and ToddleeDoo – Kid (v.3.9 DEFAULT)

/Wasabi Pills/ Sugar Rush Mesh Hair – Blonds Pack
Lil Scamps Battle Fury (116,185,27) –
Red Velvet Holiday Dress Outfit
grabby hands event Battle Fury (47,139,913)
**SN~ Family Gift Giving prop with poses for 2 adults and 2 kids

AerLinniel is wearing-
GFY-Reindeer Christmas Sweater Gacha-Maitreya
:CB: Amelia Heels Glitter
*Besom Hair~Gingerbread #6 Crystal
7 Deadly s[K]ins – Acila Day 10 Advent 8 skin tones, based on LAQ head, Includes appliers for Banned, Phatass, Slink hands/feet, tango and Wowmeh
Venge – Gacha – Yuletide Deer Eyes – Brown (B) mesh eyes, no system
Venge – Gacha – Yuletide Deer Makeup – Fawn RARE (B) Omega and Catwa appliers also system tatto layer
Venge – Gacha – Yuletide Deer Antler – Brown (B)
GFY-Gingerbread & Candy Can Christmas Nail Gacha {Rezz Me} RARE
GFY-Solid Christmas Leggings Gacha-Maitreya {Rezz Me} RARE
LAQ Bento – Motion Capture – Scarlet