Fairies and Me


While walking along the off beaten path this afternoon, I decided to let my wings breathe a little. There was this awesome glow coming from over the hill which was in the general direction I was going anyway. So, without much hesitation and a bit of sneakiness, I managed to find the glow and wow was it ever so perfect to take a few pictures.


Pretty Kitty Designs


The Wash
Now until the End of the Month

This amazing outfit has the detail! Each item is a Gacha at 50L per play each item shown here is separate. From the wings to the shoes and everything in between. The wings have such glamorous detail each feather looks so real. Tight fitting top with both arms completely showing then short in front and longer behind make this with or without the wings something special. The stockings have lace wrapped along the legs as part of the shoes., which are a platform base. Available in Freya, Maitreya. Hourglass, Isis, Physique, Venus in common and Rare (shown here)



~Go Frock Yourself~

Lovelace Omega Nails

What would you say about being able to choose from TEN different nail scenes? A perfect blend of coloring and gloss make these so unique that every girl will be envious of you. If you can only change one nail at a time, then mix and match to your hearts content. Now you have some great nails to wear this month These nails are made for Slink, Belleza or Omega.




This is a Gacha Item
Gachas are 50L per pull and come with 10 Common and 3 Rare


Short, Sassy and full of energy is just what this girl needed today. So many different coloring options are available with this hair you can wear a different color for weeks. Drop by !!Firelight!! and get yours while you can.


Eternal Eyes

Mesmerizing is what these eyes were intended for. The depth is so intense people will gaze into them for hours. I absolutely love these, between the coloring and of course color itself they are perfect! . Sizing for the eyes are S, M, L, XL for both system and Mesh.



Body Stuff



This particular skin was originally designed for the Catwa Annie Head. As shown here I have the “Gwen” head on and it works out wonderfully. There was no changing the head shape or anything and I was able to keep my complete body shape with it. The make-up layers can be tinted or faded with the Catwa main Hud. Perfect for thos of us who worry about our looks.



Mesh Body Info


I have the Maitreya Mesh body Lara, V 4.0 on which makes it easy to fix parts that un-wantedly show.. The standard for the industry is made for this body. Easy to hide or show parts. Easy to adjust are just a small sampling of what this body will do.




Vista Animations:
Pro Hands
Let your hands move and toss the old static ones. Now you can with these beautifuly shaped fingers and wrists from Vista Animations. Much more realistic and life like than predecessors.





Staying true to form this head allows full customizing. The features are more realistic than other system offerings. The shape fits well with no needed adjustments to make other than giving you that look you wanted. Easy one click to change tones and fully Omega compatible, This one is perfect for the woman inside. This version is the updated 4.10 with animations.





Lulu Bento Shape

A wonderful shape that was so easy to make a slight change to fit more of me. I would suggest this shape to go along with most Mesh female avatars.




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