Can’t Be Held

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My Face Says

I was talking to a nice woman while hiking and some jerk started making weird sounds and trying to copy us. Gawds it was so annoying that I wanted to bitch slap him so hard but being the sweet lady that I am, I decided to be nice for a moment anyway.

Clothing & Accessories:

~Go Frock Yourself~
Alchemy Event
May 1st – 14th
Can’t Be Held Responsible

This T-Shirt fit so wonderful today for all that happened while out hiking around. After the little jerk kid left, he did read my shirt. Afterwords, I decided to stop and take a few pictures. I mean this shirt is so funny but also so fitting you really must have a close look at it. The sizing comes in XXS, S, M, L, Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Physique, Venus.

the shorts which are awesome! They hug your butt and show off that lovely rear end and tie in the front. The sizing is Hourglass, XS< Freya, Isis, L, M, Maitreya, Physique, S, TMP, Venus, XXS. Stop by and get yours while supplies last.


!Head Desk!


Short, Sweet, and of course Sassy! This hair from !Head Desk! is truly one to keep forever and wearable for any occasion. The color choices in the included Huds are spectacular at a minimum. Draping across your face on the right side while your left cheek shows makes it a perfect fit. Short in back keeps the summer heat at bay.


* Inkheart *

Peace by Peace Hunt Gift
Urban Eyes
Deep Sea

Full of mischief? Perhaps wanting to give that innocence look?
With these eyes


~Go Frock Yourself~
May 1st – 14th
Alchemy Event

Proud as a Peacock

Colorful, exquisite and beautiful are but a few words to describe how these nails come across while on your fingers, made for Slink or Belleza. Truly a set to behold with 10 different color schemes, these you need!. I went with a darker color to match my evening attire leaving a bit of mystery if someone seen me.

Body Stuff


I am wearing the Black Fair Maureen in Cashew from 7 Deadly s{K}ins. This skin features a one touch Hud to color match using the Omega system. Less shadows on the Boobs and Butt, softer highlights, a better fit to mesh body parts, smoother texture. All the Major Body appliers are available in store at 7 Deadly s{K}ins for Maitreya, Belleza, Omega HEAD Appliers, Slink, TMP, Banned Lena etc….

7 Deadly s{K}ins
Mesh Body Info


I have the Maitreya Mesh body Lara, V 4.0 on which makes it easy to fix parts that unwantedly show.. This new version includes the Bento hands with movement.
Slink Hands and Feet:

Slink Avatar Dynamic hands, and feet are Enhanced.
Everything you need to enhance your appearance can be found here at Slink
HEAD and Shape:
Bento Aggie Head
Aggie Shape
Staying true to form this head allows full customizing. The features are more realistic than system offerings. The shape fits well with no needed adjustments to make other than giving you that look you wanted.


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